Join Two Of The Hearing Care Industries Most Respected Marketing Consultants and 15 Other Private Practice Leaders in New York City for a Full-Day Round-Table Mastermind to See What's Working Now For The World's Best-Performing Clinics, and How You Can Find a Hidden $100,000 In Your Business
Join Two Of The Hearing Care Industries Most Respected Marketing Consultants and 15 Other Private Practice Leaders in New York City for a Full-Day Round-Table Mastermind 
December 1st 2023 | Final Few Seats Remaining
It’s a difficult time right now.
Private practice hearing care clinics are facing a plethora of challenges unlike ever before.
  • Your advertising efforts that previously worked no longer yield the same type of results, and you’re left unsure where you should be investing your efforts and money to deliver a return
  • Your patients have more choice available to them than ever before, with options like over-the-counter muddying the waters, dispensers opening on every street corner and specific manufacturers trying to monopolize the industry
  • ​The industry is enduring a recruitment crisis with the employee now holding all the power, making it incredibly difficult to find new staff, hire qualified professionals, and/or evolve/grow your team
  • The cost of living crisis is resulting in you having to keep their prices competitive yet your costs are going through the roof, resulting in your margins being squeezed from every direction
  • And all while the world is quickly changing around us, with patients continuing to age and with referring physician partners continuing to retire ... resulting in us all knowing that we either need to evolve and grow or die.
But just as much of the industry is clinging on, hoping for change and trying to navigate these choppy waters, there is a small group of private practices across the US and Canada that is using this period to grow and evolve their clinics and is putting significant distance between themselves and their competitors.

That’s because these clinics know a set of principles and strategies that the majority of the industry do not.

They understand where they should be focusing right now, where the biggest marketing opportunities are, and how to make themselves the #1 option for patients within their communities (regardless of who they’re competing with).

How do they know this? Well, it’s because they’re part of a small exclusive group of the best performing and most aspirational hearing care leaders called the “Inner Circle.”

Launched in 2017 and headed by two of the industry’s most respected marketing consultants, Phil M Jones and Oli Luke – the Inner Circle supports close to 60 privately owned clinics across the US and Canada to help instill these key principles and marketing strategies into their clinics.

It’s a highly premium and exclusive group.

Yet for the first time, Phil and Oli have decided to run a small and intimate event for just 16 clinic owners in New York City.

Introducing …
The Practice Growth Masterclass
A Personal & Intimate 16-Person Round-Table Mastermind Event

December 1st, 2023
New York City

Phil and Oli are hosting the third of three intimate round-table masterclass in New York City on December 1st to a maximum of 16 people.

Based in a spacious boardroom that has stunning views over Central Park, they will be opening up the playbook and sharing the exact principles, strategies, and actions that you can take to grow your clinic in 2023 and beyond.

This includes:
  • The exact process for developing your unique high-impact marketing strategy, which will demystify the confusion, show you where you should focus, and most importantly, what you should strategically ignore
  • A walkthrough of the “basics to a gold-standard consistently” philosophy with step-by-step examples of how you can instill the highest impact marketing activities into your business in exchange for minimum effort/resource
  • The one thing that every clinic can do today to find untapped revenue in their business (with the templates, tools, and instructions to go and find it) – this will pay for your investment in attending many times over
  • A “Hot Seat” Session – if you have a big challenge that you’re facing right now in your clinic, you’ll be able to be in the “Hot Seat” where we’ll all collectively focus on advising and helping you to find the solution
The day will be fluid, the conversation will flow, and the objective will be to ensure that you walk away with total clarity of the exact areas that you should be focusing on – with all of your questions answered.

It’s your opportunity to have two of the industry’s most respected marketing consultants applying their expertise and experience to your clinic.
What Happens on the Day? 💪
Here's The Agenda
  • You’ll make your way to an office block just next to Central Park off Columbus Circle where you’ll be ushered to our meeting room
  • You’ll be able to take in the views over Central Park as you have a coffee/some breakfast, while meeting everybody else
  • The day will kick-off with Phil M Jones understanding the biggest challenges that we’re all facing and what we want to achieve from our day together
  • As a collective group, we’ll help to develop your custom marketing plan to help you to understand the exact set of actions that you can take to drive more of the right numbers
  • At the end of day, we’ll all go and grab some tasty food and celebrate over a few cocktails!
Who Is This Masterclass For? 🤟
Is This Right For You?
To be direct, the Practice Growth Masterclass is not right for many clinics.

Our objective is to ensure that you walk away with clarity on the steps that you can take, and exactly what you should do, to make a substantial change to your clinic’s future.

For us to deliver on this objective, it’s important that you meet the following criteria:

🔥 You Have a Proven Business

This isn’t for brand new clinics, this is for clinics that have a track-record of delivering for patients and have established solid foundations

🔥  You’re Coachable

This isn’t for people that already know it all and are close-minded to change or suggestions. This is for people that accept that they don’t have all the answers.

🔥  You’re Hungry to Grow

If you’re comfortable where your business is at, then this will be a waste of your time. This masterclass is for clinics that are hungry to drive results and build stronger businesses

In the nicest possible way, if you don’t meet the above criteria, then you’re encouraged to not attend this exclusive event.
What's The Investment to Attend?
Limited Seats Available
The investment for this unique full-day board table event is $1,450 US.

In exchange for this investment, we’ll take great care of you on the day with drinks, lunch, dinner, and even a few cocktails in the evening!

Priced at a fee to ensure only the right people are in the room, and to deter any tire-kickers, while being incredibly reasonable – we’re expecting places to be snapped up fast.

Especially when you consider how many thousands of dollars you may currently be spending in the wrong areas that are not yielding you results and that the longer you do not have a clear marketing focus, the more money you’re wasting (and missing out on).

With only 16 seats around the boardroom table, you’re encouraged to secure your seat if you believe that this is the right event for you.

What About Your Hotel? 🛏️
Where You Hit The Hay!
Side Note: You’ll notice that the event is on a Friday. That’s to ensure that you also have the option to spend a couple of days in New York City and potentially turn this trip into the weekend away you’ve been meaning to schedule.

The boardroom is just off Columbus Circle, here is three hotels (at very different price points) that are all within a short walk of our boardroom.

Six Columbus   ⭐⭐⭐

Located close to our boardroom, this unique hotel sits on the luxurious edge of Midtown. 6 Columbus infuses its 1960s modernist décor with 21st-century sensibilities and stylish

Average room rate: $260/night

Carnegie Hotel   ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Located a 5-minute walk from the boardroom, this 4-star hotel is a modern intimate boutique hotel, designed with fine architecture and custom Italian furniture. It is 200 yards from the Carnegie Hall and 350 yards from Central Park.

Average room rate: $490/night

Mandarin Oriental   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Super luxurious 5-star hotel just steps away from the boardroom, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park and a 75-foot indoor pool and offers rooms with panoramic views of Manhattan.

Average room rate: $1,250/night
Who's Phil M Jones? 👋
Master of Influence and Persuasion – Author of Seven Best Selling Business Books, One Children’s Picture Book – Producer of “Most Listened To” Non-Fiction Audiobook of all time.

Phil M Jones thinks and acts differently. His precise insights around communication, added to a proven personal pedigree of peak performance and a richness of real-world experience mean that Phil is the kind of thought-leader whose counsel is sought by other thought-leaders.

He believes with passion that the answer to increased success, in every area of life, is to ask better questions, focus on QUALITY of conversation as well as quantity and that quite often, the difference between you, and all the others, is knowing Exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make more of your conversations count.

He met the hearing care industry in 2011, speaking at a number of conferences and consulting with an array of the most successfully privately owned hearing care clinics in the US. Since then, he co-founded Orange & Gray and has established a reputation as one of the most influential performance growth consultants in the industry.

Who's Oli Luke? 👋
Oli Luke is a marketing strategist behind some of the most successful private practice hearing care clinics in North America.

After building a digital marketing group and a direct mail company in the UK, Oli met the hearing care industry in 2017. With a small group of clinics across Texas, he implemented several unique industry-first ideas which delivered record results for driving upgrades and online growth.

Following demand for further help and ideas, he founded private consultancy group Orange & Gray alongside Phil M Jones to partner with a small number of high-performing private practices to help them to run strategic content marketing campaigns and grow revenue.

Orange & Gray have since grown into one of the most respected marketing consultancy groups in private practice hearing care helping some of the best-performing clinics in North America to accelerate growth and be at the fore-front of industry developments.

He now spends his time developing marketing strategies to help his “Inner Circle” members to continue to lead change, crafting high-performing marketing campaigns (typically over an obscene amount of coffee) and hosting the #1 marketing podcast in hearing care, The Business of Hearing Podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Bring Somebody With Me?

Yes, if you have a business partner, a colleague or a friend that you would like to bring, then you can add an extra seat for them for just $425.00

At the order form, just check the box to share that you will be bringing an extra person along and it will be added to your total.
Does The Fee Include Hotel & Travel?

The $1450 US fee is solely for your seat at the table (and we’ll take care of you on the day). 

The responsibility for travelling to New York City, and accommodation is your responsibility
Is This Right For My Clinic?

The truth is, we’re much more focused on having the right clinic owners in the room rather than a specific typeof clinic.

Regardless of how many staff, locations, or what specialist services you have, you still operate a business ... and our focus is on the ways you can grow the business.

Why Are You Doing This?

Well, as you’ve probably worked out, this isn’t a very profitable enterprise when you consider the costs of a New York boardroom, all the expenses and Oli’s travel and accommodation from the UK.

The reason we’re doing this is because through events like these, we sometimes bump into clinics that would prefer us to help them to drive their marketing forward and they join our premium Inner Circle group. This naturally only happens if we deliver the best possible value on the day, so that’s where our focus is the right clinic owners in the room rather than a specific time of clinic.

Regardless of how many staff, locations or what specialist services you have, you still operate a business ... and our focus is the ways you can grow the business.
Can I Send a Member of Staff?

This event is solely for clinic owners, and the conversation will be on the level of business owners and leaders. 

It’s not a standard marketing conference that a member of staff can attend on your behalf.
Our Risk Free Guarantee 🤝
We guarantee that you'll walk away with the tools and knowledge that you can use to add MORE patients, MORE revenue.. and MORE profit this year.

If by 4pm, you feel you haven't received even one "money breakthrough" that could make a huge positive impact on your business we'll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

If you're not happy, then we're not happy, and we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Now, the likelihood of this happening is VERY low, but be assured that we'll make sure this day is something that you reflect on for wisdom, ideas and strategies for many weeks, months and years.

It's a bold guarantee, but one we'll be proud to honor.
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